Bleeding heart, dicentra formosa

Red elderberry, Sambucus racemosa

Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias

A major Heron rookery is located in Renton, at the mouth of the Black River, about 9 miles east of here.

Evergreen Church volunteers

On Friday, April 28th, a group of about 20 volunteers from the Evergreen Church youth group came and removed ivy and holly from the park.

Evergreen Church volunteers.

Low tide.

The park grows 2 acres larger on the lowest tide days.

The old dock.

The Landing element of the name Eagle Landing Park comes from the fact that there used to be a dock where boats of the Mosquito Fleet brought people from Seattle to their summer homes in the wilderness, from about 1915 to 1930.

More info on the Mosquito Fleet.