In Hawaii, they often make words out of rocks. Some people do it at Eagle Landing Park, too.


We do have some fireweed at ELP. This fine meadow is at Discovery Park in northwest Seattle, showing how impressive it can be.

Devil's club

Someone ate all these berries shortly after the picture was taken. The berries aren't desireable for humans, but some animals love them.

Sticky weed, Galium triflorum?

This native climbs over the other plants. The little seed heads cling to clothing and dog fur.

Humming bird


This is the nest tree, lost in fog. On the California coast, fog is vital for keeping the tops of 400' tall redwoods from drying out. Here, it makes for a cooler day.

Purple-leaved willowherb, Epilobium ciliatum

This native is abundant around the parking area.

Trailing blackberry, Rubus ursinus

Native blackberry. Delicious.