Help Find the Eagle at Eagle Landing Park

Project Noah is an organization seeking to catalogue plant and animal species all across the country.  Specific missions within Project Noah collect data on specific areas, and a mission has been established for Eagle Landing Park.  In order to encourage participation, the Friends of Eagle Landing Park are offering a prize of one Silver Eagle (estimated value of $35 to $50) to the person who submits the most verified species entries to the Project Noah mission for ELP.  (You can submit multiple pictures of a particular species, but for the purposes of this contest, we are only counting the total number of species submitted, not the total number of pictures.) The goal is to identify 365 species of mammals, birds, fish, trees, flowers, mushrooms, lichens, insects, spiders, butterflies--anything with DNA.  You can participate by using your smart phone, uploading the pictures directly to Project Noah, or you can take pictures in the park and upload them from your home computer or the library.  Even if someone has already identified a particular species, you can take your own picture of that species and have it count toward your total.  All pictures must be taken without causing harm to the park or its species.  Please direct any questions to and post your comments and pictures at the Facebook page for the park.