Eagle Landing Park

Nature and wildlife within reach in a small neighborhood park.

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Eagle Landing Park Native Plant Species List  (Invasive species listed here.)

This is a preliminary list of the native species present at Eagle Landing Park, listed alphabetically by botanical name, with the common name also given. Many of the plant names include links to photos and descriptions at the Washington Native Plant Society.

Abies grandis                    Grand fir
Acer circinatum                 Vine Maple
Acer macrophyllum             Big leaf maple

Achlys triphylla                  Vanilla leaf

Adiantum aleuticum           Maidenhair fern
Alnus rubra                       Alder

Alnus viridis ssp. sinuata     Sitka alder
Amelanchier alnifolia          Serviceberry

Anaphalis margaritacea      Pearly everlasting
Arbutus menziesii              Madrone

Aruncus dioicus                 Goatsbeard
Athyrium filix-femina          Lady fern
Betula papyrifera               Paper birch
Blechnum spicant              Deer fern

Claytonia sibirica              Candyflower
Cornus nuttallii                 Dogwood
Corylus cornuta                 Hazelnut
Crataegus douglasii           Hawthorne

Dicentra formosa                Bleeding heart

Dryopteris expansa             Woodfern

Epilobium angustifolium      Fireweed
Epilobium ciliatum             Purple-leaved willowherb
Equisetum arvense            Horsetail

Fragaria chiloensis            Beach strawberry

Fragaria vesca                  Woodland strawberry

Galium aparine                 Bedstraw, stickyweed
Gaultheria shallon             Salal

Geum macrophyllum          Large-leaved avens

Heuchera micrantha          Small-flowered alumroot
Holodiscus discolor           Oceanspray

Juncus effusus                  Soft rush
Lonicera ciliosa                 Honeysuckle

Lonicera hispidula              Pink honeysuckle

Lupinus littoralis               Shore lupine
Lysichitum americanum      Skunk cabbage

Mahonia aquafolium           Tall Oregon grape
Mahonia nervosa               Oregon grape

Marah oreganus                Wild cucumber
Malus fusca                      Pacific crabapple
Oemleria cerasiformis        Indian plum
Oenanthe sarmentosa        Pacific water-parsley
Oplopanax horridus            Devilís club

Penstemon cardwelii        Cardwel's penstemon

Petasites frigidus              Palmate coltsfoot

Physocarpus capitatus        Ninebark
Picea sitchensis                Spruce
Pinus monticola                White pine

Polypodium glycyrrhiza        Licorice fern
Polystichum munitum         Sword fern
Pseudotsuga menziesii       Douglas-fir
Prunus emarginata             Bitter cherry
Pteridium aquilinum           Bracken fern
Rhamnus purshiana           Cascara
Rhododendron macrophyllum Pacific rhododendron
Ribes bracteosum             Stink currant
Ribes sanguineum             Red-flowering currant
Rosa gymnocarpa              Bald-hip rose

Rosa nutkana                    Nootka rose

Rosa pisocarpa                 Clustered rose
Rubus parviflorus              Thimbleberry
Rubus spectabilis              Salmonberry
Rubus ursinus                   Trailing blackberry

Salix lucida                       Pacific willow

Salix scoulerii                    Scouler's willow
Sambucus racemosa          Elderberry

Sidalcea hendersonii          Henderson's checker-mallow

Smilacina racemosa           False Solomon's Seal

Stachys chamissonis          Cooley's hedge-nettle
Symphoricarpos albus        Snowberry

Taxus brevifolia                Pacific yew
Tellima grandiflora            Fringe-cup
Thuja plicata                   Western redcedar

Tiarella trifoliata              Foamflower
Trillium ovatum                Trillium

Trientalis borealis               Starflower
Tsuga heterophylla           Western hemlock
Urtica dioica                    Nettles
Vaccinium ovatum            Evergreen huckleberry
Vaccinium parvifolium       Red huckleberry
Viburnum opulus                High-bush cranberry



The Dirty Dozen

These invasive plants need to be removed from ELP.  They can be tenacious, and ivy is present in about 80% of the park, so it will be especially difficult to get rid of.  They are listed in order of impact on the park, but they should probably be targeted for removal in the opposite order because  numbers 6-11 can be completely eradicated in a much shorter time than plants such as ivy and laurel.  The top four will require years of effort.

1. Ivy                Hedera helix
2. Laurel            Prunus laurocerasus
3. Holly             Ilex aquifolium
4. Blackberry      Rubus armeniacus
5. Buttercup       Ranunculus repens
6. Nipplewort      Lapsana communis
7. Fox glove       Digitalis purpurea
8. Herb robert     Geranium robertianum
9. Clematis        Clematis vitalba
10. Bindweed     Convolvulus arvensis
11. Knotweed     Polygonum cuspidatum
12. Chickweed    Cerastium arvense



The goal is to have much greater diversity of native plants to support more diverse wildlife, and also to help prevent invasive species from coming back by filling all the niches with native plant species.  Here is a preliminary list of over 120 desirable native plant species for Eagle Landing Park.